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Denise Kulhanek og Simon Nielsen

Marias tale:

Halfdan Rasmussen: »NOGET OM AT VÆRE«   (in english) »SOMETHING ABOUT BEING«
Jeg er mig der er ham der er ham der er mig
og mit jeg det er mig ikke dig.
Hvis en anden var mig ku det godt være dig
der var mig hvis jeg ikke var mig.
Det er klart det er rart jeg gik hen i en fart
og blev ental i første person.
Det er trist for enhver som har fødselsbesvær
og går rundt og er slet ikke noen.

Der er noen der er noen som har glemt hvem de var
skønt de er hvad de var da de kom,
for de kom da de blev hvad de var og de var
hvad de blev, hvis man vender det om.
Men hvis nogen er ingen og ingen er den
som er ufødt og altså fortabt,
kan han ikke så godt kræve livet igen
da han hverken er til eller skabt.

Jeg er glad jeg er mig for hvis ingen var mig
var det slet ikke mig der var glad,
og hvis ingen var glad for at være som jeg
var det trist og jeg ved ikke hvad.
Men såfremt man blir født som en brik i et spil
og Vorherre tar fat på en leg,
hvor han spør hvem man syns man bør være og vil,
er det klart jeg vil helst være mig.
It is I who is he who is he who is me
and it’s me who is me not thee.
Though if someone were me it might be you
who were me if I wasn’t me.
It is clearly swell that it all went so well
and I really hope it persists.
I’d feel sad for anyone who’s birth goes bad
If it means that they will not exist.

There are those who’re those who forgot who they were
though they’re the same as when they came to.
Since you’ll become what you’ll be and that you’ll remain
no matter what you came to do.
But if someone is no one and no one is the one
who is unborn and thus seems lost
He cannot stake the price of his life
since being is part of its cost.

I am glad I am me ‘cause if no-one was me
it would not be me who was glad
And if no one was glad to be like me
it would be dreary and I’d feel bad.
Hence if I was given a new chance at life
and The Good Lord just spinning the wheel
was asking whom if anyone I could be
I’d clearly state "I want to be me!"

In my opinion this pretty much sums up life:

You have to be pleased about who you are and what you do!

In other words: you have to enjoy yourself in order to enjoy others and thus enjoy life.
And Denise, with these words I'd like to welcome you to our family – I don't know you that well yet, but now that you've been foolish enough to marry my brother I think there's a few details I'd like to share with you – and the rest of »our« family.
If I were to place my brother in a fable, I'm certain he'd be the stray red tabby–back alley cat. The one with a scratched ear, ruffled fur and the piercing look that makes you feel like you're acting very silly.

Simon is a crossbreed!!!

BeundringHe's a good mixture of different worlds and nationalities.
My fathers' side of the family on the one side have been farmers, living at pretty much the same farm for the last 600 years. The farm still exists, and because of it we can trace our lineage back to kings and queens and an awful lot of farming... The other side was merchants, also pretty much staying in the same area for years and years. But you'll have to talk to him to get more info on that subject.
My mothers' family on the one side were originally from Russia, moving when Stalin made life a little too interesting, but as far as we know, they were horse breeders and sailors.
On the other side we don't really know much, except that they were a mix of different nationalities.
And that's one of the traits that I personally think define who my brother is. Ever since I was a little girl, Simon's been »on the road«. To start with it was just biking with my father and I, but later it was on excursions to friends or to our grandparents. Then suddenly came a trip to Indiana, then Australia, Croatia, Norway and nowadays I believe its The World!
But then why shouldn't he? My brother is gifted: he's a linguist speaking a bit of Danish, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese and all sorts of gibberish. He knows a lot of weird and very nerdy stuff on many different subjects. He loves exercise and nature. He loves the arts. He's funny. In other words I think he's a really great and cool guy and I know of many reason why a girl could love him. For one thing it's hard not to like a guy who's talented, but still works hit butt off!
One of the things I sometimes have a hard time coping about my brother though is his »I'm–no–material–guy«–attitude. At one point in his life, Simon came to the conclusion that things such as gifts were supposed to be symbolic, and not something that needed to have any real value – you should be as glad receiving a pretty looking leaf as a pretty expensive looking rock. That' s led to many frustrations for us mortals who still think a cd is way cooler than a tun pixie–book. And though I've done my best to persuade my family of the good intentions behind Simons gifts I'm still crossing my fingers hoping he'll soon realize the value of material stuff and practical gifts.
But even though he can seen very aloof, a dreamer or adventurer, ridding himself of material wants, of På vej ud i den store vide verden spiritual wants and for same reason ending up buying stuff at instead. He's still been acting like the back alley cat, wandering the world looking for a good home, somewhere with a nice warm spot, a good scratching and an open door.

And I believe that by now he's actually found it. The piece he's been looking for... the One he's been looking for.

And though I do miss spending time with him, playing computer, talking, reading comic books or watching movies it pleases me to know that he's finally found something and someone that makes him happy. He fully deserves it!

And Denise, what I'm really trying to say is: pet him, feed him, love him and accept him for the stray he is. Smother him with love and affection, but give him room to breathe as well, and I'm certain he'll love you for the rest of his life.
Simon' s always wanted a family, though l'm not sure he's realized it himself.

And l'd like to wish you both a very happy life together. I'm sure you'll do just fine smile